Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania DUI Attorney

Pittsburgh DUI Attorney

In an instant, a DUI arrest can change your life. Suddenly you are facing harsh criminal charges, with even harsher penalties if you are convicted. Who can you turn to for help? In times like these, you need the help of an experienced Pittsburgh DUI attorney.

Law officers and prosecutors might try to convince you that your case is unwinnable, and that your best option is to save everyone time by pleading guilty. Don’t take the bait! A good DUI defense attorney knows that there is nearly always a way to fight your charges.

Our Pittsburgh DUI Lawyer Defends All Types of DUI Charges

Our Pittsburgh DUI attorneys have successfully defended clients in Pittsburgh and surrounding counties against all types of DUI-related charges, including:

Our legal team understands the serious allegations you are facing, and treats each case we take on with great care and attention to detail. We conduct our own investigations, examining evidence with the help of forensics experts to expose police misconduct, unreliable BAC test results, and other flaws to challenge the prosecution. Whether we negotiate reduced charges, or file the right motions to have your charges dropped altogether, we fight hard to secure you the best results possible for your case.

A DUI arrest can be terrifying and overwhelming, but you don’t have to face your legal troubles alone. With the right legal representation, you can protect your freedom and get back to life as you know it. Contact us to schedule a free consultation with a top Pittsburgh DUI attorney today.