Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania DUI Attorney

Pittsburgh Juvenile DUI Attorney

The Pittsburgh DUI attorney represents minors and underage drivers that have been accused of drunk driving.  If this sounds like your case, please contact us right away to discuss your options with our Pittsburgh DUI attorney.

Unfortunately, many juveniles and young adults under 21 choose to drink and get behind the wheel.  How their arrest will be handled depends on the factors of the case, including the offender’s age.   Our Pittsburgh DUI attorney can:

If it does not look like a case dismissal is likely, our Pittsburgh DUI attorney will work diligently to reduce the sentence of any juvenile or under age offender.  Judges tend to be lenient with underage offenders, so your child may be able to have probation or community service imposed in lieu of jail time.

Our legal team understands the serious allegations your child is facing, and treats each case we take on with great care and attention to detail. We conduct our own investigations, examining evidence with the help of forensics experts to expose police misconduct, unreliable BAC test results, and other flaws to challenge the prosecution. Whether we negotiate reduced charges, or file the right motions to have your charges dropped altogether, we fight hard to secure you the best results possible for your case.

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